Energy Saving Trust eBike Loan

31st May, 2023

The eBike Loan is funded by Transport Scotland and managed by Energy Saving Trust, with the support of Home Energy Scotland advice centres. The scheme is open to individuals whose principal residence is Scotland.

To be eligible for funding, please consider the additional criteria:

  • Loans are only available and can only be used for the purchase of new, road legal:
    ebike(s) – electric assisted pedal cycle
  • cargo or ecargo bike – specially designed to carry a load
  • adapted cycle or electric adapted cycle – specifically adapted to meet
    mobility needs, including those of standardised design, such as tricycles
    and recumbent cycles
  • The purchased ebike(s) must comply with UK Government requirements:

You can receive funding for:

  • Up to two ebikes, a maximum loan amount of £3,000 per bike
  • One cargo or eCargo bike, a maximum loan amount of £6,000 per bike
  • One adapted or electric adapted cycle. The amount of loan funding
    available is not limited; however, the maximum loan support available to
    you remains £6,000. Applications requesting more than £6,000 for an
    adapted cycle will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
  • The loan value only covers the cost of purchasing the basic, standard- specification of the ebike(s); it does not cover delivery costs, optional extras, upgrades or other nonstandard changes (whether during or after manufacture). This is exclusive of adapted or electric adapted cycles, which are built to specific customer requirements.