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1st January, 2022 - 31st December, 2022

UK Seashore | Free

Get involved in monitoring the effects of environmental change on Britain's sealife by exploring the seashore and recording the seaweeds that you find there. The data you gather help shows that the distribution of seaweeds around the UK is changing.

The treel council logo
1st March, 2022 - 30th September, 2022

UK | Free

Urges anyone who has planted trees in the past 5 years to revisit them and carry out a few simple tree care tasks, such as clearing weeds, mulching and checking ties.

Bee Walk
1st March, 2022 - 31st October, 2022

UK | Free

BeeWalk is a standardised bumblebee-monitoring scheme which involves volunteer ‘BeeWalkers’ walking the same fixed route once a month between March and October, counting the bumblebees seen and identifying them to species and caste (queen, worker, male) where possible.

Litter picking
3rd April, 2022 | 10:00 - 2nd April, 2023

Wellmeadow, Blairgowrie | Free

Are you seeking to help look after the environment? Get involved in keeping Blairgowrie litter free with this community litter pick! These will occur the first Sunday of every month at 10am. If you'd like to help, just turn up in the Wellmeadow at 10am on April 3rd.

1st July, 2022 - 31st July, 2022

Worldwide | Free

Plastic Free July is a global movement that helps millions of people be part of the solution to plastic pollution – so we can have cleaner streets, oceans, and beautiful communities. Will you be part of Plastic Free July by choosing to refuse single-use plastics?

2nd July, 2022 - 10th July, 2022

UK | Free

A week to raise awareness of Swifts and bring a focus to their plight, and of course provide information about how to help them.

National meadows day
2nd July, 2022

UK | Free

Annual celebration of wildflower meadows across the UK.

2nd July, 2022 - 8th July, 2022

Worldwide | Free

Net Zero Week highlights the challenge in reduce our carbon emissions to combat the effects of climate change and provides the best expert advice and information to help us all better understand the challenge and how to benefit from making changes.

Nature take action 800 X490 01
9th July, 2022 | 10:30 - 12:30

Auchterarder Library Chapel Wynd, Auchterarder PH3 1BL | Free

Free drop in event to learn about attracting wildlife to the garden and at home composting. The event will include a demonstration on how to willow weave your own composter.

Bees needs week
11th July, 2022 - 17th July, 2022

UK | Free

Raising awareness of bees and other pollinators and ways we can help them.

Big Butterfly Count
15th July, 2022 - 7th August, 2022

UK | Free

A UK-wide survey aimed at helping us assess the health of our environment simply by counting the amount and type of butterflies (and some day-flying moths) we see.

World Snake day
16th July, 2022

Worldwide | Free

An opportunity to celebrate snakes and raise awareness about their conservation.

16th July, 2022 - 24th July, 2022

UK | Free

An annual celebration of dragonflies and damselflies.

Nature take action 800 X490 01
16th July, 2022 | 10:30 - 12:30

Auchterarder Library Chapel Wynd, Auchterarder PH3 1BL | Free

Free drop in event about sowing ang growing from seed to value ingredients.

Find out more about local seasonal produce and gardening waste reduction tips. Come along to share ideas with others.

Flying ant day
19th July, 2022 | 03:00 - 20th July, 2022 | 14:00

Worldwide | Free

Celebrating the day where winged ants take their nuptial flight.

22nd July, 2022 - 31st July, 2022

UK | Free

Love, Respect, and Protect parks throughout the summer of 2022 and beyond.

National Whale and Dolphin Watch
23rd July, 2022 - 31st July, 2022

UK coastal waters | Free

The aim of this event is to give a general “snapshot” of what is in UK coastal waters over a short period of time. As well as gaining valuable research data, it will draw attention to the conservation of our marine environment.

Food 2
23rd July, 2022 | 10:30 - 12:30

Auchterarder Library Chapel Wynd, Auchterarder PH3 1BL | Free

Free drop in event. Demonstration on bread making and bread tasting session. Enjoy a slice or two of freshly made Scottish bread - with a range of Perthshire preserves.
Bring along a bowl and tea-towel or a clean pillowcase to take home and cook some freshly-made bread dough.

Discover the journey of bread, from farm to plate.

Sharing storage advice, recipes and food saving tips. Tell us how you use up bread to ensure that none is wasted.

National Marine Week
25th July, 2022 - 8th August, 2022

UK | Free

A chance to celebrate the wonderful wildlife found in the seas around the UK, and our relationship with this incredible habitat that surrounds us.

Food take action 800 X490 01
30th July, 2022 | 10:30 - 12:30

Auchterarder Library Chapel Wynd, Auchterarder PH3 1BL | Free

Free drop in event. Take home some locally grown food. Gather recipes for how to cook local ingredients.

Hen Harrier Day
1st August, 2022

UK | Free

Hen Harrier Day seeks to inform about and celebrate the wildlife of the uplands and the problems it can face and to raise our voices against the main reason for the hen harrier's rarity – illegal persecution.

4th August, 2022

UK | Free

Cycle to Work Day is an opportunity for employees to get in the saddle and experience the benefits. From boosting wellbeing to better health and improved finances; cycling offers it all.

National Allotment Week
8th August, 2022 - 14th August, 2022

UK | Free

Raising awareness of allotments and the role they play in helping people to live healthier lifestyles, grow their own food, develop friendships and bolster communities.

22nd August, 2022

Worldwide | Free

World Plant Milk Day is a campaign to help accelerate the transition from dairy milk to the rich variety of plant-based alternatives

Bat night
27th August, 2022 - 28th August, 2022

Worldwide | Free

Celebrate these creatures and learn more about bat conservation with a number of different bat events taking place around the world for the public to get involved with.

Scottish Geology Festival
1st September, 2022 - 17th October, 2022

Scotland | Free

Celebrate many aspects of Scotland’s geology from coastal walks to fossil hunting to online talks.

Organic September
1st September, 2022 - 30th September, 2022

UK | Free

Organic September is a month-long campaign to raise awareness of the many benefits of organic food and farming.

1st September, 2022 - 30th September, 2022

UK | Free

Oxfam's Second Hand September is a challenge to buy only second hand clothes for 30 days.

Great Perthshire
1st September, 2022 - 30th September, 2022

Perthshire |

Tantalise your tastebuds and sink your teeth into delicious, locally sourced product at Great Perthshire Food & Drink Festival 2022!

16th September, 2022 - 22nd September, 2022

Europe | Free

This week encourages behavioural change in favour of active mobility, public transport and other clean, intelligent transport solutions.

17th September, 2022 - 25th September, 2022

UK | Free

The Great British Beach Clean is a week-long citizen science event, where hundreds of beach cleans take place up and down the UK.

Scottish Squirrel
19th September, 2022 - 25th September, 2022

Scotland | Free

Report your sightings of both red and grey squirrels to provide a snapshot of the situation.

19th September, 2022 - 25th September, 2022

UK | Free

Recycle Week is a celebration of recycling across the nation. It’s the one week of the year where retailers, brands, waste management companies, trade associations, governments and the media come together to galvanise the public into recycling more of the right things, more often.

Seed gathering
22nd September, 2022 - 22nd October, 2022

UK | Free

During seed gathering season, everyone is encouraged to join in gathering seeds, fruits and nuts and nurturing the trees of the future.

22nd September, 2022

Worldwide | Free

During World Car Free Day all around the world towns and cities allow people to experience streets free of motor traffic.

1st October, 2022 - 31st October, 2022

UK | Free

Unblocktober is the world’s first month-long national campaign and awareness month to improve the health of our drains, sewers, watercourses and seas.

UK Fungus Day
2nd October, 2022

UK | Free

There is something on offer for everyone including local fungal forays, talks, performances, competitions, and activities for children.

World Animal Day
4th October, 2022

Worldwide | Free

World Animal Day raises the status of animals in order to improve welfare standards around the globe.

4th October, 2022

UK | Free

No Disposable Cup Day was started in 2019 to raise international awareness of the fact 7 million disposable cups are used every day in the UK. 500,000 of these are discarded daily.

International Geodiversity Day
6th October, 2022

Worldwide | Free

Coordinated activities to take place worldwide, highlighting the importance of geodiversity.

National Badger Day
6th October, 2022

UK | Free

Celebrate just how magnificent and important one of our oldest native species is to the British countryside and its people.

Book festival
8th October, 2022 - 9th October, 2022

Blairgowrie | Free

A book festival which offers a wide range of events to suit all interests

National Coppice Week
8th October, 2022 - 16th October, 2022

UK | Free

A week of events throughout the country, focusing on coppicing, coppice products and the many benefits of the management of British woodlands by coppicing.

Earth Science week
9th October, 2022 - 15th October, 2022

Worldwide | Free

Celebrating the theme "Earth Science for a Sustainable World" will emphasize the essential role of Earth science in helping people make decisions that maintain and strengthen the planet's ability to support thriving life.

E waste
14th October, 2022

Worldwide | Free

International E-Waste Day is a day to raise awareness about the importance of recycling your waste electrical items responsibly.

Apple Day
21st October, 2022

UK | Free

Apple day celebrates everything to do with orchards, from fruit variety identification to apple and cider tasting, and bring-your-own juicing services.

21st October, 2022

Worldwide | Free

A day to to celebrate these ecologically vital and under-appreciated animals.

Mammal Week
24th October, 2022 - 30th October, 2022

UK | Free

A celebration and awareness week of mammals and their conservation in Great Britain.

Bat week
24th October, 2022 - 31st October, 2022

Worldwide | Free

Bat Week is an annual, international celebration of the role of bats in nature.

Scottish Book
14th November, 2022 - 20th November, 2022

Scotland | Free

A celebration of books and reading that takes place across the country.

24th November, 2022 - 26th November, 2022

Dundee | Ticket Price TBC

The UK’s longest running mountain film festival. It presents a multi programme of the best films related to the montane and outdoor activity world.

Tree council
27th November, 2022 - 5th December, 2022

UK | Free

The UK’s largest annual tree celebration. People have planted thousands of trees to mark the start of the winter tree planting season.

Tree Dressing
3rd December, 2022 - 4th December, 2022

Worldwide | Free

A chance for the whole community to gather and celebrate trees. It’s also a chance for communities to reflect on the social and cultural history of their local area, and the role trees have played in shaping this story.

World Soil Day
5th December, 2022

Worldwide | Free

A day to focus attention on the importance of healthy soil and to advocate for the sustainable management of soil resources.

11th December, 2022

Worldwide | Free

A day to create awareness about the importance of mountains to life, to highlight the opportunities and constraints in mountain development, and to build alliances that will bring positive change to mountain peoples and environments around the world.