Lend and Mend Library/ Sew Together Sessions

1st November, 2023 - 30th November, 2026

AK Bell Library | Free

Lend and Mend Library

Since November 2023, Lend and Mend Library at the AK Bell Library have 8 Sewing Machines, one Overlocker and one Embroidery machine. These machines are free for the public to use, the only thing that is required is a Library Membership, which is free, and a Health and Safety Induction, which can be booked via email or at the Front Desk when entering the library.

For more details contact [email protected]

The space can be booked for a single person or groups of up to 8 people, if all sewing machines are going to be used.

The library also have hand sewing, crocheting, and knitting equipment available.

The space is meant to be a Self-Led Learning space which is open Tuesday to Saturday, during the normal opening times of the library:

Tuesday: 09:30am – 20:00pm

Wednesday- 09:30am – 17:00pm

Friday: 09:30am – 17:00pm

Saturday: 09:30am – 16:00pm

Sew Together Sessions

In addition to the above facilities, the space have started Sew Together Sessions with our Volunteers on a Wednesday between 12-2 and Saturdays between 11-1. These sessions are run fortnightly. So far, volunteers have been giving advice to participants, helping them to get started on a sewing project, how to adjust sewing patterns and use the Overlocker. However, soon, there will be small workshops to those sessions like visible mending, making reusable gift bags, Sachiko stitching and clothes alterations. If there is something you would like to see being offered, please get in touch with lend and mend at Culture PK.

There will also be events and talks about zero waste sewing, circular economy, and sustainable fashion.

Organised by Lend and Mend Library

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