Mind the Gap

1st January, 2023 - 31st December, 2025

All of Perth and Kinross |

Hedgehogs are in trouble – although urban populations appear to be rallying, their rural cousins are not. We need to help our local hedgehogs wherever they are. Can you become a Hedgehog Champion?

Select the button below to become a champion and learn how to help hedgehogs. You will learn more about:

  • The benefit of hedgerows, which create natural boundaries, creating the perfect habitat and shelter for wildlife such hedgehogs and other small mammals.
  • Hedgehog highways and the challenges fences pose, which act as a barrier to wildlife. However, guidance on to create wildlife gaps are provided, including wildlife friendly fence holes to allow wildlife to move from garden to garden.
  • Gardening techniques to protect hedgehogs and enhance their environment, including tips on considering nesting, feeding, garden maintenance and how to go chemical free
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