Better Forestry - Is Scotland Ready? FPG Conference

13th March, 2024

Birnam Arts | 10 to 100

Join us at the Better Forestry - Is Scotland Ready? Conference on 13th March 2024 at the Birnam Arts Centre, Birnam, Perthshire, Scotland, and hosted by the Forest Policy Group, an independent forum which advocates for better forestry in Scotland.

This Conference will invite people who want to make the case for regenerative forestry in Scotland to come together to make change happen.

Forest Policy Group, are an independent forum which advocates for better forestry in Scotland, for more woodland, and more diverse woodland which provides a wider range of benefits for people and nature. We are not alone and we believe it is time to bring together the minds and voices of everyone who sees a need for a more resilient forestry, diverse in ecology, purpose and ownership.

We need to focus on quality as well as quantity. Beyond the policy calls for increased forest cover, there is a deep-seated desire to see good silviculture, growing quality timber and many other products, home to a thriving web of species and working with the many changes ahead of us. Many, often quieter voices, are already working on those approaches. By collaborating, we can build the vision, pace and scale.

We will hear from some of those who have already shown how different forms of forestry can benefit communities, contribute to local economies and respond to the challenges of nature loss and climate change. With an eye on the next two years, when grant support and forestry policy will be open to change, we need you to join us and share your experience, ideas and energy for how we can take the case for a shared vision of better forestry to the policy and decision makers that can make the difference.

Organised by Forest Policy Group

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