Garden Wildflower Hunt

20th March, 2022 - 21st June, 2022

Britain and Ireland | Free

Wild plants in gardens are often ignored, but a better understanding of garden flora is important for several reasons.

Gardens can be an important wildlife refuge, so understanding the diversity and distribution of native plants, can help provide insight into the resources available to pollinators, butterflies and other wildlife.

There's very little data available about which plants thrive in disturbed or heavily managed garden environments. This may change over time as gardening practices shift or due to climatic changes. So Garden Wildflower Hunt provides an opportunity to gather some baseline data.

The purpose of Garden Wildflower Hunt is to help find out which wildflowers are growing in gardens to understand more about their distribution and ecology, and to help you improve your plant ID skills and get more enjoyment out of your garden.

Organised by Botanic Society of Britain and Ireland

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