Mental Wellness & Resilience for the Climate Crisis with Bob Doppelt Nov 21

21st November, 2022 | 16:00 - 21st November, 2022 | 18:00

Online | £0 – £5.98

How can we build universal mental wellness & resilience for the climate crisis?

Increasing global temperatures are producing big disruptions to the systems people rely on for basic needs, mixed with more frequent, extreme, and prolonged disasters.

New thinking and approaches are needed to address the scale and scope of the traumas racing our way. This involves a public health and community-led approach to enhancing and sustaining mental health and wellbeing at a local level.

How might wide and diverse coalitions of local residents, groups, and organisations come together in communities to develop strategies that can help all of us enhance our mental wellness and resilience in the face of the climate crisis?

How can actions to slash local greenhouse gas emissions, regenerate ecological systems, and adapt to climate impacts be integrated into our community initiatives?

SCCAN and SCDC invite Bob Doppelt to help prompt discussion in a Scottish context, with community action, public health and mental wellbeing and resilience as a key focus of his research and work.

Bob Doppelt founded and coordinates the International Transformational Resilience Coalition (ITRC), a network of mental health, social service, climate, faith, and other organisations.

Bob has authored a number of books on the interface between individual, group, community, and social change and ecological regeneration. His newest book Preventing and Healing Climate Trauma: A Guide to Building Resilience and Hope in Communities will be released in early 2023 (Taylor and Francis/Routledge Publishing).

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