National Allotments Week

7th August, 2023 - 13th August, 2023

UK | Free

Our National Allotments Week theme for 2022 was an acknowledgement of the importance of gardening with nature in mind. An allotment plot is a complex web of plants, micro-organisms, fungi, insects and animals that not only produces food but also supports eco-system services such as pollination and offers a refuge for wildlife in urban areas.

Although allotment plots like pollinator ecologist Nadine Mitschunas' beautiful wildlife allotment garden (winner of Gardeners World magazine, 2021 Garden of the Year award) are few and far between there are thousands of plot-holders endeavouring to reduce pesticide and herbicide use, encourage beneficial insects, small mammals and amphibians and tolerate losing some crops in order to achieve a balance eco-system on their plots.

We are presently working on a programme to celebrate our campaign week in 2023.

Organised by National Allotment Society

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