National Nest Box Week

13th February, 2023 - 19th February, 2023

UK | Free

As our gardens, parks and woodland are neater and tidier than they used to be, our birds have become short of nesting holes. The good news is that everyone can do their bit to help… and your own garden’s a great place to start.

Just imagine how our wild birds would benefit if each one of those gardens contained a nestbox or two, plus plants and insects to provide food. Alongside common visitors – like Blue Tits, Great Tits, House Sparrows, Robins and Starlings – putting up a box will also boost your chance of attracting rarer species into the bargain.

​Don’t forget that nestboxes are good for us too. Spending time in the garden, building your own box and watching birds make themselves at home are all great stress-busters.

Organised by Nestbox Week

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