Scottish Badger Week

9th May, 2022 - 15th May, 2022

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As our largest surviving carnivore, badgers are a vital part of Scotland’s biodiversity and landscape.

Both badgers and their setts are protected by law. Sadly they still face a number of threats. These include being killed on the roads, habitat loss and disturbance, and persecution including baiting.

There are lots of ways you can get involved to help protect badgers during Scottish Badger Week and beyond:

  • If you see badger setts, live sightings or road deaths report them to Scottish Badgers
  • Become a member to help support the work of Scottish Wildlife Trust
  • Register to volunteer with the Scottish Wildlife Trust and Scottish Badgers. Volunteer surveyors, badger watch assistants and trail camera assistants are all required. Email [email protected]

There will be a range of webinars and events taking place during badger week such as a virtual badger watch!

Organised by Scottish Wildlife Trust

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