Sowing yellow rattle seed

27th August, 2023 | 10:00 - 13:00

Rewilding Denmarkfield | Free


This Sunday (27th August) we will be sowing the final species in our new species-rich grassland. And let me tell ya... it is an important one! Known as the Meadow Maker, this native wildflower parasitises the roots of competitive grasses, making more space for the delicate wildflowers.We are really excited to have you all along for this one! It is your chance to make a big difference to local biodiversity

Also, your chance to eat some of Izzy's homemade cake

So come along and bring your friends! See full details in the previous post and ping Izzy an email to let us know how many of you are coming: [email protected]

Organised by Rewilding Denmarkfield

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