Swift Awareness Week

2nd July, 2022 - 10th July, 2022

UK | Free

Nationally, swifts have declined by 62% in the last 25 years. You can help them by undertaking the following advice.

Retaining existing nest holes is the best thing you can do as swifts are very site faithful. If carrying out roof renovation or insulation during the summer, ensure that access holes are not blocked by scaffolding and that they’re retained for the future.

Installing a swift box or two, at least five metres high, is a great way to help swifts but it can take time for the birds to find them. Playing swift calls can speed things up. If you’re thinking of buying a newly-built house, ask your builder to incorporate swift bricks.

Help swifts find food by gardening in a wildlife-friendly way. Insects from your garden may spiral into the air and be snapped up the birds.

Organised by The Wildlife Trusts

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