The Great Scottish Squirrel Survey

2nd October, 2023 - 8th October, 2023

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While 75% of the UK’s remaining red squirrels are found here, their numbers have fallen drastically in recent decades to just 120,000.

This is largely due the spread of the non-native grey squirrel, which was first introduced from North America by people in the late 1800s. Grey squirrels also carry squirrelpox, a virus that doesn’t harm them but is deadly to reds.

With the help of partners, landowners and local volunteers, the project is monitoring squirrel numbers across Scotland, managing the impact of squirrelpox, and helping to combat the spread of grey squirrels in key strategic areas.

This Red Squirrel Week we’re calling on people all over Scotland to get outdoors, explore nature and be on the lookout for tufted ears and bushy tails for the return of the Great Scottish Squirrel Survey. Report your sightings of both red and grey squirrels between 2-8 October to provide us with a snapshot of the situation.

What makes the Great Scottish Squirrel Survey so great is that anyone can take part from anywhere in Scotland. Areas of known squirrel territory are equally important as those where few squirrels have been seen before. You can view all our previous sightings records here.

Last year over 650 people reported 790 squirrel sightings in just one week. Let’s make this year’s survey even greater!

Organised by Saving Scotlands Red Squirrels

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