Trees are the Key Week

20th March, 2023 - 26th March, 2023

UK | Free

Trees are the key to solving so many of the world’s problems, not just climate chaos. They are crucial ingredients for a healthy environment and every living, breathing inhabitant of our planet.

They clean the air that we all breathe, manufacture precious oxygen, allow biodiversity to flourish, and give habitat for wildlife. They also help to maintain high levels of organic matter for the soil, and via their roots systems help to improve the soil’s ability to absorb and retain water.

As if that’s not enough, the crops from different types of trees worldwide provide a range of commodities: fruits, nuts and other foodstuffs, medicine, building materials and more.

Join Word Forest Organisation on this week to find out just what trees really do for us with a host of fabulous interviews, articles, tree facts, courses, poetry, a free school learning pack and free screenings of our #TreesAreTheKey documentary.

Organised by Word Forest Organisation

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