Water Saving Week

16th May, 2022 - 23rd May, 2022

UK | Free

This Water Saving Week the message is more urgent than ever before: we all need to be using less water. Sure, we tend to think of the UK as perpetually damp and soggy, but that’s just not the case anymore. Last spring was one of the driest ever recorded in the UK, and this April is on track to become the driest on record. Climate change is ushering in longer periods of dry weather and, combined with population growth and changes in lifestyle, has led to growing pressure being put on our water supplies. Pressure that just can’t be ignored.

The good news is that taking positive action now can help us make sure that there’s enough water to go around, for our communities and for the environment. And, because our water use isn’t just confined to our four walls, this year we’re focusing on water consumption outside of the home. As we all emerge from our homes, a little dazed from the year we’ve just been through, we want to help people to save more water when they’re out and about. We also want to help businesses and communities to highlight the great work they’re doing to reduce their water consumption and protect our environment. Most of all, we want to get people talking about how important water is, and how easy it is to make small changes that make a big difference.

Organised by Water Wise

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