World Soil Day

5th December, 2023

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Join #WorldSoilDay to learn more sustainable soil management and how it is linked to protecting biodiversity, creating healthy eco systems and carbon capture.

Climate and Biodiversity

  • Soil is likely home to 59% of the species on Earth
  • Water scarcity leads to the loss of soil biodiversity, while leaching and eutrophication from agriculture practices lead to the loss of biodiversity in water bodies.
  • The mismanagement of pesticides and fertilizers not only threatens soil and water quality but also poses significant risks to human health and ecosystems.​-Soil and water conservation contribute to climate change mitigation and adaptation.
  • Improved soil and water management improves the land's capacity to withstand extreme climate events such as droughts, floods and sand/dust storms.​
  • Integrated soil and water management practices provide essential ecosystem services, supporting life on earth and enhancing ecosystem resilience.
  • Healthy soils act as a carbon sink, by sequestering carbon from the atmosphere, thus contributing to both climate change adaptation and mitigation efforts.
  • Scotland's soils are a giant carbon store, holding more than 3,000 megatonnes of carbon (of which 53% is held in deep peatland soils), which is 60 times the amount of carbon held in our trees and plants, therefore making soils our main terrestrial store of carbon.

Organised by United Nations

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