Public Transport

Using public transport is much better for the environment than travelling in our own vehicles. For example, one full double decker bus is the equivalent of removing 75 single occupancy cars from the roads. That’s why public transport is vital in helping us get to net zero emissions in a way that is fair and just to everyone.

Benefits of public transport

  • Better for the environment – reduced pollution from less cars on the road means better air quality and benefits the health and wellbeing of communities up and down the country.
  • Improve your fitness – by walking, wheeling or cycling to the railway stations, you’ll be improving your health by being more active.
  • Get where you need to go faster – bus lanes avoid traffic and congestion, helping you get from A to B quickly and conveniently.
  • Turn your journey into time well spent – use your time on bus or train to relax with a good book, make plans for your free time or get a head start on your day.

Perth and Kinross is well connected by bus, with services operating in and between the main towns and into Perth City Centre. Traveline Scotland can help with your journey planning and you can view real time information.

A variety of major cities can be reached via Perth train station, which lies on the Glasgow-to-Dundee-to-Aberdeen Line and the Highland Main Line. Plan your rail journey and buy your tickets at Scot Rail.

Over 60s and people with certain disabilities are eligible for free bus travel across Scotland.

In addition, Scottish Government launched the Young Persons Free Travel Scheme in January 2022. All young people between the ages of 5 – 21 years old, will be able to travel for free. A National Entitlement Card or Young Scot Card with the free bus travel product on it will be required. Without this, you will be unable to travel for free on bus services in Scotland.

Children under 5 years old already travel for free on buses and don’t need a card.

Transport Scotland provide further details on concessionary travel.

Find out more at Smart Travel Scotland | The Smart Way to Travel on Public Transport

Technology is changing throughout Scotland’s public transport services, providing users with new digital ticketing and payment options. You can choose from various smart technology on Scotland’s public transport networks, from smartcards to mobile ticketing, to suit how you want to travel.

Smart travel services are easily accessible in Perth and Kinross, with services such as ScotRail, Caledonian Sleeper, Stagecoach and LNER all providing smart travel options.

PK on the Go is a dedicated active travel and sustainable transport site helping residents and visitors to Perth and Kinross to save money, time and hassle while they travel. The programme aims to enhance the region’s urban environments, by reducing traffic congestion and therefore pollution. PK on the GO provides information on the MI Rewards loyalty scheme which gives bus passengers the chance to win a prize that showcases the very best of your local area.

Perth & Kinross Council, along with neighbouring authorities, the regional transport partnership (Tactran) and local bus operators have formed the Tayside Bus Alliance to develop bus priority projects across the region that will bid for funding from Transport Scotland’s £500m Bus Partnership Fund. This work will be looking at all core corridors and how travel time and reliability of public transport can be improved through the implementation of bus priority measures.

The Bus Partnership Fund will complement the powers in the Transport (Scotland) Act 2019, enabling local authorities to work in partnership with bus operators, to develop and deliver ambitious schemes that incorporate bus priority measures. The Fund will focus on the evidence of how bus services will be improved by addressing congestion, but the partnership approach is also expected to leverage other bus service improvements to help tackle the climate emergency, reduce private car use and increase bus patronage.

Perth & Kinross Council also continues to develop and look for opportunities to implement park and choose sites to enable sustainable travel into Perth City and other key destinations.

Real Time Passenger Information displays are being rolled out at bus stops throughout the area which, along with the Traveline and Stagecoach apps, provide live bus tracking information.