Breadalbane Academy Climate Cafe

1st June, 2022

Breadalbane Academy Climate Cafe is formed of school students who are undertaking climate action. Learn more about the climate café below, where one of the students has created a blog to showcase some of the brilliant work carried out by the school.

In 2021, pupils were involved in the following projects:

  • COP26 PKC art competition
  • An external event with local climate activists co-hosted with PKC Library. Senior pupils presented their research on the ocean savers charity. S2s presented a discussion on possible solutions to the climate emergency.
  • Setting up a recycle bin for soft plastics in the main hall in school. The senior pupils empty it and take plastics to the co-op for recycling.
  • Litter pick with Scouts and recycling of plastic.

Early 2022:

  • Competition to design a water bottle to promote reuse
  • Designing a bee line map to help pollinators

Late 2022:

  • Snazzy sneakers social enterprise
  • Visit to a bee honey farm
  • Implement the bee line map