Crook and Drum Growing Together Community Orchard

14th April, 2023

Thanks to PKC Nature Restoration Fund, Crook and Drum Growing Together have been busy extending their small community orchard and adding plants for pollinating insects and bulbs along the edge. The community orchard is situated at the back of Fossoway Church alongside a path which is well used by the community.

Native flowering plants, bulbs, and bare-root trees were planted. Flowering plant species included betony, clover, bird's foot trefoil, bugle, vetch, marjoram, thyme, red campion, oxeye daisy, knapweed, buttercup, red clover, field scabious, meadow cranesbill, yarrow and foxglove. Bulbs included native daffodils, tête à tête daffodils and snowdrops. Trees included a mix of apple, pear and plum.

All the planting and associated works was carried out by volunteers of Crook and Drum Growing Together. The overall goal of this project was to establish and link pollinator/ wildflower sites. Crook and Drum Growing Together hope to expand this project in the next round of Nature Restoration Funding.