Glassie Bike Park Rewilding

14th April, 2023

Glassie Bike Park has been able to plant over 800 trees and bluebells to create a corridor for wildlife thanks to PKC Nature Restoration Funding. Underplanting with native bluebells will help bees and insects find great pollen sources. With the woodland previously devastated from storm Arwen, planting up native tree species will help to restore this habitat and enhance the biodiversity of the site. The new woodland area will also make a good wind break and sheltered areas for walkers and bikers on the new paths created.

As storm Arwen blew down 50 or so trees in this area, these were mostly cut up and used as bug hotels and brash / wood heaps for wildlife cover and leaky dams
Some standing dead trees were left to let more light into the woodland floor to assist its natural regeneration.