Rewilding Denmarkfield Wildflower Meadow Creation Project

14th April, 2023

Rewilding Denmarkfield have completed 3.15ha of soil inversion and native MG5 seed sowing to create a 800m long species-rich grassland corridor. This contributes to Buglife's B-Line project: a landscape-scale project which aims to create pollinator-friendly highways throughout the UK.

Lowland meadows are underrepresented in the local landscape and are also a priority habitat in the UK Biodiversity Action Plan. The following red-listed bird species rely on resources from lowland meadows to survive and have already been recorded on-site already in small numbers: yellowhammers, greenfinch, spotted flycatchers, house sparrows, house martins, linnets, mistle thrush and starling. These species will benefit from this habitat creation and we will continue to monitor their numbers to determine the positive impact of this habitat creation.

The work will also provide habitat and food for the common lizard and the small heath butterfly which are on the UK Biodiversity Action Plan list. Rewilding Denmarkfield will continue to conduct weekly butterfly, bee and amphibian transect surveys to determine the positive impact on pollinators and amphibians.