Earth Day - Global Clean-up Project, Friday 22nd April 2022 - Big Sweep

15th August, 2022

Earth day marks the start of the Environmental movement in 1970 and 1 billion people across the world participate in events each year. But Earth day is really every day.

In response to Earth Day and the Global Clean Up Project 2022, eight people from our local Litter pick group and local Climate Café in Pitlochry volunteered to help with the Big Sweep down Atholl Road from The Auld Smiddy to Escape Route as there was a lot of grit, dirt, stones, leaves and some litter along the pavement and road gutters making the road look dirty and untidy.

It was a beautiful day with very little wind when we all got together outside the Auld Smiddy so was lovely to be outside and armed with our brushes spades and bins we began to sweep. The group consisted of Natalie, Robert, Roger, Lyn, Mark, Rosie, myself, (Carol) and Deirdre, who organised the event.

The reaction from passers-by was amazing and funny too as we were asked if we were doing community service and/or applauded and thanked for making the road and pavement look so much tidier.

I also need to say thank you to everyone for your thoughtful and kind support on the day. To Mark Wood from MacKenzies Coffee House, when he saw what we were doing he came over and offered us all some drinks and cake for our break time. Yummy. Claire Pinchbeck from Hettie’s Tearoom came out and offered us drinks too which was so lovely to be offered again but by the time we were finished everyone was tired and so dirty that we didn’t want to impose ourselves on Claire at one of their busy times of the day. And to the ladies from Edinburgh Woollen mill for the lovely biscuits.

Thank you also to Rami and his staff at The Bakery for suppling the group with some delicious pizza we had ordered for lunch. It just leaves me to say thank you to everyone who came along and helped with the Big Sweep and to those who appreciated our efforts on the day.