Warm Connections - A Local Story

20th May, 2022

Our Story

Having been passionate about the environment for as long as I remember, I have had many dreams over the years as to projects and initiatives I might set up. Some have come to fruition, some not, but in the middle of 2020 we began to think about a home energy advice project in the Aberfeldy area. Long story short, Warm Connections was born, and thanks to a grant from the Energy Redress Scheme we (Anna and Tom Sibbald) now have a grant which pays two part time salaries plus running costs for two years. We are part of Aberfeldy Parish Church which is involved in several other community initiatives in Aberfeldy - CAP (Christians Against Poverty), the Breadalbane Community Larder and the Breathe youth project.

Our Advice

Based from Aberfeldy, our area extends throughout the Rannoch, Lyon, upper Tay & Braan area. Our advice is free and impartial, so people’s fears that we are trying to sell them something are never realised. Our main aims are to help folk lower their carbon footprint at home by being more energy efficient; lower energy use inevitably means lower bills, so it is a win win situation!

We have four ‘strands’ to our advice - 1. No-cost, low-cost measures. 2. Help with energy bills. 3. Grants and loans for energy saving home improvements. 4. Renewable technology.

Our Metrics

Due to the nature of our grant funding, we have targets to meet with regards giving advice to householders through in-depth and low level advice.