Climate Events at Blairgowrie High School Freshers’ Week

22nd September, 2022

Blairgowrie Freshers Week Event

Blairgowrie High School recently hosted its annual Freshers Week Event, taking place during the first week of the new term. First year pupils participated in a range of activities at this event which helped ease the transition from primary to secondary school.

Blairgowrie Climate Cafe

Blairgowrie Climate Cafe were able to participate in the freshers week to engage S1 pupils on climate change.

Pupils were able to calculate their family's environmental footprint through an online WWF quiz. You can measure your own impact via WWF Footprint Calculator.

They also ran a “which bin for your rubbish?” competition to educate pupils on waste and recycling.

Pupils were also able to learn about the lifecycle of fabric and clothing. They labelled fabrics with the length of time they would typically spend degrading in landfill.

The Climate Cafe also worked with pupils by surveying their methods of travelling to Blairgowrie High school.

Thank you to the Climate Cafe for their continuted work in engaging and supporting Blairgowrie High School on climate change education.