Apply to be a member of the Perth and Kinross Climate Commission

17th March, 2022

Help steer Perth and Kinross’s climate future

Applications are now open for the new Perth and Kinross Climate Change Commission.

Climate Commissions bring together people and organisations from the public, private and civic sectors who work collaboratively to help drive, guide, support and monitor climate action. The Perth and Kinross Climate Change Commission (PKCCC) will prove independent active leadership and support for cross-sector collaboration and action on climate change. The Commission will play a vital role in promoting a climate resilient future which is also fair and ensures that there is climate justice.

The Commission has the aspiration to be credible, visible, engaging, effective, and relatable. It will be an independent body responsible for:

  • Scrutinising the initial roadmap developed by the Council (published December 2021)
  • Identifying ideas and good practice that should be promoted.
  • Shaping the expansion of and further development of the roadmap through co-production, guidance and feedback.
  • Promoting appropriate community engagement on climate change
  • Overseeing delivery of the roadmap and its impact through regular monitoring
  • Championing climate change and delivery of priority actions across Perth and Kinross
  • Using its influence across the public sector, private sector and in our schools and communities to drive the necessary urgent action
  • Consider the connections between the climate crisis and other ongoing pressures – including the biodiversity crises, increasing cost of living, fuel poverty, inequalities and health.

The Commission aims to be diverse and inclusive and encourages applicants from a range of backgrounds. Commissioners will be selected to cover a range of expertise and backgrounds. These individuals will be selected by a panel of experts seeking to ensure a diversity of knowledge and experience on the Commission. Acknowledging the disproportionate impact that Climate Change will have on children and young people, a minimum of 25% of the spaces will be reserved for those 25 and under.

The application process is now open to all individuals with an interest on getting involved and we welcome online applications. The deadline for applications is Sunday the 24th of April at 11:59pm

Are you interested in getting involved and making a difference in Perth and Kinross while being part of our Climate Commission? Make sure you submit your application and please do not hesitate to contact the Climate Change Team at [email protected] should you have any queries