Investing In Communities Fund

7th June, 2022

Potentially receive revenue support for 3 years to support your climate action projects

Investing in Communities Fund

Taking action on climate change at all levels of society is essential for Scotland to meet its targets for reducing greenhouse gas emission. The Investing in Communities Fund (ICF) recognises the important role communities play in tackling climate change, and has therefore reflected this in the priorities of the fund.

All projects must demonstrate the ways in which they will contribute towards each of the four areas of action for the fund and associated outcomes as detailed in the ICF Round 2 Guidance Note:

  • tackling poverty and inequality, including child poverty
  • developing and sustaining place based approaches
  • community-led regeneration
  • ensuring a just transition to net zero

To demonstrate how your project will help ensure a just transition to net zero, you should focus on:

  • how you will engage your community in how they can take action on climate change, as part of a just transition
  • how you will deliver your project in an environmentally friendly way

You might already be helping your community tackle climate change with your proposed project, and it’s important to highlight this in your application. You may also be planning some elements of your project to tackle another issue, but not realise that this may also be helping tackle climate change as well.

Tackling climate change can be grouped into different themes including climate change education, promoting active travel, re-use and repair, energy advice, growing food locally, reducing food waste, etc.

Apply now

Apply now to potentially receive revenue support for 3 years to support your climate action projects.

To apply for funding, send your application by 2pm on 28th June 2022.

Please visit the website page for all information and final guidance regarding ICF R2.