Dun Coillich Wetlands

15th May, 2023

Highland Perthshire Communities Land Trust recently commissioned an ecologist to produce a report advising on the best ways to improve the wetland habitats at Dun Coillich. It contained recommendations to increase water levels through the construction of a series of hand-built dams and extend the existing wildlife ponds/scrapes.

The existing scrapes were enhanced by volunteers clearing encroaching vegetation and raising water levels by blocking channels draining the scrapes. This work means that this wetland habitat, which is important for dragonflies and amphibians, will be maintained for years to come.

Volunteers and Rural Skills trainees were involved in the practical wetland enhancement works.

The newly created and restored habitats will add to the value of Dun Coillich as a resource for the community in the following ways:

  • Additional learning opportunities for environmental education work with local schools and other groups.
  • Points of interest on guided walks allowing the public to learn about the value of creating biodiverse habitats.
  • Increasing the area and quality of habitats at Dun Coillich makes it more attractive for the increasing number of visitors who come to walk the 12km of waymarked trails we have created. The physical and mental health benefits of access to the natural world are widely recognised.
  • Volunteers and trainees will add wetland monitoring to their skill sets.

Project made possible vis PKC Nature Restoration Funding.