Rewilding Comrie

15th May, 2023

The vision for "Rewilding Comrie" project was to bring nature to the heart of the community with new habitat and vital wildlife corridors in place, allowing biodiversity and local people to thrive side-by-side.

Taking into consideration the surrounding wildlife, Comrie primary school planted a variety of plants and seeds to support biodiversity. With flowering all year round and wild grass/flowers seeds spread, the originally species poor area has been rejuvenated.

A double row hedge was also planted which will support a variety of animals/insects by creating a new corridor to the surrounding woods.

A scrape was built into the centre of the grounds which was enhanced with riparian planting. The scrape will benefit a range of aquatic wildlife, supporting high densities of insects which are important food for birds and amphibians.

Two volunteers from the Royal Highland Education Trust came along on the planting day for children and members of the community to learn about our soil and the importance of the planting taking place. This was a valuable tool for putting knowledge into practice in creating the rewilding area. This was a full circle experience for not just our pupils but also for our community members.

This project was made possible through PKC Nature Restoration Funding.