SuDS Pond Enhancement

16th May, 2023

Following on from the success of the first phase of the SuDS project last year, Tayside Biodiversity's SuDS Pond Enhancement projects aims to improve our ponds for wildlife and see an increase in amphibian and insect populations using them.

Enhancing the ponds

Prior to this project, many of the ponds were overgrown with invasive species like bulrush. Invasive plants can take over the ponds, preventing amphibians from spawning. Through the SuDS enhancement project, the following actions were undertaken across five different ponds:

  • clearing excessive plant life
  • removing any non-native invasive species present
  • ensuring the pond is safe for hedgehogs
  • encouraging amphibians and invertebrates
  • planting native plant species for pollinators
  • encouraging gullypot surveys and providing amphibian ladders

The Wildlife Trusts estimate that half a million ponds have been lost over the past 100 years and that many of those remaining are in poor condition. The overall project has therefore not only improved a suite of SuDS ponds across the region, but also helped address the fact that all of our freshwater species are suffering population declines. This project engaged local people to not only help restore pond habitats, but also get involved in monitoring the sites in the future. Help was provided from many local volunteers, the PKC biodiversity ambassadors, community groups, developers and schools.

Project made possible via PKC Nature Restoration Funding.