Rewild my School

15th May, 2023

Luncarty Primary Schools Rewild my School projects aim was to enhance the available greenspace in the school for the benefit of wildlife and the local community. In future years the project will be expanded to create wildlife corridors and stepping stones across the whole village. Rewilding Denmarkfield are currently supporting members of the public to engage in habitat creation in their local greenspaces and in their own private gardens by running educational workshops and practical work parties.

Rewilding the school grounds

Prior to the rewilding project, the school grounds hosted 2.18 acres of greenspace which supported very little biodiversity, consisting of concrete and short mown grass. Through the Rewild my School project the following habitats have been created within the school grounds: native woodland, native hedgerow, wildflower meadow and a wildlife pond. A beebank was also built which provides vital nesting habitat for rare insects such as mining bees. The map below shows the habitat design and locations.

The staff of the primary school worked jointly with the pupils, parents and employees of Rewilding Denmarkfield to:

-Plant some of the trees and shrubs

-Install the pond liner, pond plants, stones and deadwood

-Sow the Pond Edge Seed Mix

-Rake the seed bed and sow and trample the seed for the wildflower meadows

-Spread and compact the sand cap for the beebank

The Rewild my School project has allowed the creation of a variety of habitats, attracting more wildlife to the greenspace whilst improving the aesthetics of the playground and providing new environmental education opportunities. The site also lies within one of Buglife's B-Line projects: a landscape-scale project which aims to create pollinator-friendly highways throughout the UK. As such the school grounds are part of the B-line, benefitting pollinators and other wildlife.

Project made possible thanks to PKC Nature Restoration Funding