Managed for Wildlife Trials Volunteering Opportunity 2023

23rd May, 2023

Help monitor Perth and Kinross’s biodiversity
Last year the council began naturalising 42 trial site areas in selected parks and greenspaces across Perth and Kinross through greatly reducing mowing and leaving grass and other plants to grow and flower. Our survey results showed a positive increase in wildflower and pollinator numbers in uncut areas compared to cut.

We would like to continue surveying these areas this year to compare results to the baseline data from 2022. We are looking for volunteers to help monitor these areas to identify if the sites are improving for biodiversity in their second year of altered management.

This is a great opportunity to get outside and connect with nature. Counting the wildlife you see is great fun and can give an invaluable insight about the state it’s in. Spending time in nature is also linked to improvements in mood, mental health, and emotional well-being.

The site survey shouldn’t take long to complete, 10-15 minutes should do, ideally on a monthly basis from now until September. No specialist knowledge is required to fill in the survey. We have an online form to make recording easier and it allows picture uploads. However, if you would prefer to manually complete the form through printing it, that is also an option.

The full list of the 42 trial sites is available on the PKC website. The recording form and guidance is also available on the website. Out of our 42 trial sites, 18 require regular monitors:

  1. Blackloch Court, Carsie
  2. Davie Park and Loon Braes, Rattray
  3. Rattray Common
  4. Errol Park
  5. Invergowrie Park
  6. Ballinlochan, Pitlochry
  7. Commercial Street, Perth
  8. Dunkeld Road, Perth
  9. Lesser South Inch, Perth
  10. Seven Acres Park, Letham, Perth
  11. Highlandman Park, Muthill
  12. Guildtown Park
  13. Goshen Park, Scone
  14. Kinrossie Park
  15. Jubilee Park, Alyth
  16. Larghan Park, Coupar Angus
  17. Wolfhill Common
  18. Coronation Park, Bankfoot

If you would like to take part in the surveys to help us build up a clearer picture of the biodiversity we have in cut vs uncut grass areas, please do get in touch via emailing the name of the trial area that you wish to monitor to [email protected]