Rannoch and Tummel Firepit and Scorch Mark Restoration

15th May, 2023

The projects goal was for Loch Rannoch Conservation Association to reduce the negative impact of visitors and roadside campers on an uniquely bio-diverse and scenic area of Scotland. Several areas along Loch Tummel and Loch Rannoch shores have been extensively used for roadside camping, including lighting campfires that burn out the vegetation underneath. The continued compaction of the ground has also meant that the area has been unable to recover by its own means.

This project looked to counter the adverse effects of firepit damage through tree and shrub planting. Ash contaminated soil with scorch marks was also removed and replaced with sterile soil and where applicable, native grass and wildflower seeds were put down to restore the woodland undergrowth. Some damaged areas were temporarily fenced off, preventing footfall and further damage.

Future interaction with visitors will now be enhanced by the ability to show how firepit damage is created and dealt with leading to a reduction in the use of firepits. Project made possible through PKC Nature Restoration Funding.